Finding Researchers for Collaboration

Contacts and collaboration are increasingly important to researchers for new ideas and co-authorship which increases outputs and partnerships with organizations or industry which may offer sources of funding, therefore collaboration activities are increasingly seen as a part of research excellence … Continued

Literature Review Writing

A systematic, refined literature forms the foundation for substantial research. Consequently, it is considered as a fundamental facet of writing an authentic thesis. The creation of an intellectual literature review requires skills in scheduling, information recovery, evaluation, and composition. Whereas, … Continued

Systematic review of literature

In the last few years, systematic review has been given a considerable thought. This approach seeks to review literature which adopts explicit procedures. Systematic review has basically emerged as an area of interest for two reasons: it is often suggested … Continued

Tips for Proofreading a PhD Thesis

The textual matter of a doctoral thesis begins with the opening draft and requires good editing and proofreading skills in order to be presented to the authorities. It may take around six months for the opening draft to be proofread … Continued