Basics to keep in mind for synopsis writing

As students sit down to work on their thesis, one of the important things that they have to work on is their synopsis. Now what is a synopsis? A synopsis is basically a brief description of the contents of a particular body of work. The below are some of the factors that cause students to find this task difficult.

A. There are many students who struggle to describe a large volume of content in a few words. Only those students who have strong command over the subject matter, and have even better command over their language can condense a large and extensive body of work into a few words.

B. Many students who attempt this task find that their synopsis stretches on to become a mini project of its own. This is not what the university professors are looking for. They are merely looking for a few words in a few paragraphs that will tell them everything they need to know about their project.

So how can they make this task simple and ensure that they succeed at it.

I. The students have to study the literature review, the research designs, and the conclusions carefully and try and frame the material in such a way, that in just a few words they are able to capture the essence of all that has been worked on by them.

II. They should read up on the Internet or in any other material what format they need to follow for writing the synopsis and follow the examples of prior projects that might have been done by other students.

III. It is essential to improve the grammar skills and have strong vocabulary so that the students can use one word for a description in place of what would otherwise have taken many.