Finding Researchers for Collaboration

Contacts and collaboration are increasingly important to researchers for new ideas and co-authorship which increases outputs and partnerships with organizations or industry which may offer sources of funding, therefore collaboration activities are increasingly seen as a part of research excellence … Continued

The Value of Research in Corporate Finance

Finance is a vast field with many subjects. The scope of research is immense and there is no limit to what can be done by students of this vast discipline. One of the subjects that carry immense scope for research … Continued

Tests of measurement

Tests of reliability: if the measuring instrument provides consistent results, it is considered to be a reliable instrument. A reliable instrument need not necessarily be a valid instrument. For example if a scale always over measures by six kgs, it … Continued

Measurement scale

Ratio scale There is absolute or true zero of measurement in Ratio scale.absolute zero could be taken as that oflenth and that of time.. the zeropoint on a centimeter scale shows no precence of lenth or height. an absolutezero oftemperature … Continued

The focus group as a feminist method

In recent years use of focus group by female researchers has grown by leaps and bounds. Focus group does not suffer from gleaning information especially in unnatural situation while putting an emphasis on group interaction. It is considered less artificial … Continued