Choose a research topic that excites you and you will surely ace your dissertation

At the PhD level, students are required to review existing literature on a specific topic and make critical analyses of the concepts and theories put forth by renowned scholars and researchers. Instead of just accepting these concepts, students are required to test their limitations and refine these concepts or come up with new concepts that address these limitations. However, all the data captured by these research methodologies will be futile if it is not analysed properly. For this, students seek the help of various statistical packages such as the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, also known as SPSS, or Econometric Views (E Views), among others.

All these tasks require patience and an eye for detail. Above all, they require immense determination. Not all tasks may go according to your plan, in which case you will be required to look for alternative solutions. Additionally, your research could be contradictory to your dissertation statement, and the way you handle such adversities will determine the grade you will receive for your dissertation.

These are the reasons why you should select a research topic that you are interested in and enthusiastic about. So, before you start writing a dissertation, take a step back and find out if your interest and passion lies in a particular subject matter, and proceed only if the answer is ‘yes’.