Often scholars are hard pressed for time and before they know it, the deadlines for submission are close. This causes panic and they struggle to finish the theses in a short time. In such a scenario, they are bound to make mistakes and neglect even important aspects. This leads to poor assessments and even failure in getting the PhD degree.

To avoid such calamity, we have devised a unique PhD Thesis Completion Help for all PhD candidates. The service for Completing PhD thesis facilitates quick completion of the thesis work so that you do not have to work alone under pressure. Under this service, we assign a knowledgeable team to work on your research report and guarantee to provide a competed thesis within 30 days. The team will comprise of a writer with subject matter expertise, an experienced editor and a PhD statistician. In case the project is lengthy or complicated, there might be more than one expert from a field. As the team works in a dedicated and collaborated manner, the process of thesis writing is expedited. To avail PhD thesis completion services in India, you will need to provide us the following documents:

  • A copy of the approved proposal for the thesis
  • Data required for analysis
  • A basic layout of the chapters, as prepared from your notes
  • Guidelines from your university regarding formatting style, citation, annexure, etc.

The proposal must have been cleared, as it will provide a substantial guideline for the final thesis. In case you have any feedback or comments on the proposal, send us a copy of the same. You must have completed the data collection, as we need the databank in a ready to use, arranged format. It will also be helpful if you send the framework for thesis chapters that you have drafted. Lastly, we will need to follow the guidelines laid down by your university accurately; so give us complete information about them to avoid any mistakes.

There are two options that you can choose from when you opt for PhD thesis completion services in India::

  • You must visit our office for an hour every day, from Monday to Friday, to discuss the progress of work and clear any queries, as well as to give feedback on the work completed
  • In case you are not able to visit us, then you can have a live chat session on Skype everyday for 30 minutes to discuss the progress and solve queries

Candidates can choose any of the above stated options, as per their convenience. This system has been designed to keep the scholars involved in the thesis writing process, enhance interaction between the experts and the scholar, as well as to ensure that they have a complete understanding of all the aspects in the thesis.

To know more about the procedure and get a customized quote for PhD Thesis Completion Help. Send us an email at info@phdcoachingclasses.com or fill the online query form.