PhD Coaching Classes follows a meticulous data privacy and security policy, thereby offering commitment towards protecting all our clients’ data and information.

We portray 100% commitment towards the following:-

  • Ensuring the collected data is used 100% ethically and lawfully.
  • Ensuring the data is used and processed; purely to meet the contractual obligations
  • Ensuring effective security measures such as data trash, ethical retrieval system, data masking, data backup system etc are provided to clients
  • Ensuring 0% usage of client data samples
  • Ensuring 0% acquirement of other commercial or non-commercial usage of client data

Data Protection has become a common demand among global clients. We; at PhD coaching Classes make our clients aware in advance about the manner in which we shall be using their data and the process which we would follow. In an attempt to protect our clients’ data, we ensure that no client data (cleaned up or raw) is preserved for longer than it is necessary for project completion. Any unprecedented event calling for usage of client data for more than 90 days is intimated to client well in advance. Also, every client’s data will automatically be deleted by our internal data security system 180 days after the project completion.

PhD Coaching Classes complies to above regulations, however, will not be liable for any loss of data or unauthorised usage of data by breach of security measures deployed by the company. We will not be liable for an indirect loss or implications arising out of data loss.