A PhD thesis is a research report that is meant to be evaluated by a set of experts. Always bear this in mind while you are working on the report. Do not include anything in the report which you will not be able to explain to the review committee at the time of defense. There are a number of other things that will help you ace your performance:

  • Get to know about the defense committee. Knowing about the people who will judge you will help you in finding out what they expect from the report. You can frame your answers accordingly.
  • Time your defense. You can ask for an extension so that you can prepare well. Also, ensure that there are not too many people defending studies on similar topics on the same day.
  • Carry the props. You will need some accessories to strengthen your defense. These can be a presentation, photographs, charts and tables, video recordings, etc.
  • Be 100% sure about the research design and data analysis. Most of the questions will come from these sections. So, make sure that you do not falter.
  • Ensure that the references included in the bibliography are used well. Don’t give the committee members to point out a journal that you have listed but not cited anywhere.
  • Provide a copy of your report to the committee at least a week before the defense. This will give them a chance to go through the document.

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