Measurement scale

Ratio scale
There is absolute or true zero of measurement in Ratio scale.absolute zero could be taken as that oflenth and that of time.. the zeropoint on a centimeter scale shows no precence of lenth or height. an absolutezero oftemperature is actually theoritically obtainable.scores on ratio scale are represnted by small traffic violations and the amount of incorrect letters on apage. the violations in traffic rules or these tyoing errors can be considered as equal in significance. the ratio that is involved can have some importance and helps a kind of comparison which is surely notpossible in reagrd to an interval scale.
the actual amounts of variables are represented by Ratio scale. weight, height, distance, the measures ofphysical dimensions area few eaxmples. basically, all statistical techniques could be used with ratio scales and all manipulations that a resaerchercarries out with rael numbers couldalso be carried out with ratio scale values.
the advantage that this scale has over others is that multiplication and division could be carried easily. even geometric and harmonic means could be utilised as measures of central tendency and coefficients of variation can also be calculated.