Once you are through with the writing part of your PhD thesis or dissertation, the next step is to check for any mistakes that you have committed along the way. This process is known as proofreading and is best done by experts who are aware of the common mistakes. Professional proofreaders are helpful since they will review your work from a fresh perspective and will catch errors which you are likely to miss out. Our proofreading team has experts who have many years of experience and ensure 100% correction of errors. Under our PhD thesis proofreading services, you can get sure of:

  • Spellings: Students make many spelling and typo errors as they are in a rush to complete the report.
  • Vocabulary: The language that you use in the PhD thesis must be academic. We weed out the casual words and phrases which are unsuitable for the report.
  • Format: Our team checks the format to ensure that the layout is perfect and all the chapters are in a synchronized manner.
  • Logical Structure: To make your report structurally strong, we check the flow between each subsection and each chapter. We also assess sentence structure.
  • Presentation: There are many factors like the breadth of margin, font size and style, capitation, placement of headers and sub headers, which impact the look of the report. As we are aware of the proper style, we check these for precision.
  • Punctuations: Minor factors, like spacing and punctuations are noticed by the reviewers. Do not overlook them.
  • Citation: Our thorough proofreading corrects citation errors throughout the document.

To avail PhD thesis proofreading services in India, send us a copy of the report at info@phdcoachingclasses.com.