Preparing a proposal for PhD thesis needs a lot of planning, as well as groundwork. It is the framework on which the thesis will be based. Hence, it needs to be strong enough to support your research. There must be no doubt regarding the research design and if you are having some problems you can get help from proposal development consultants in India. Follow these tips for writing the proposal and you shall definitely succeed:

  • Plan well in advance. It will take time to write the proposal.
  • Sort out the resources with caution. There can be many references, which are not relevant or do not offer valid information.
  • Understand the formatting style required. You might be asked to follow the APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard or any other style. Learn the technicalities of such style.
  • Choose the data collection methods with care. Also, the data requirement and sample size must be well defined.
  • Select the tools for data analysis and show how you will interpret the results. The committee must be convinced that the chosen tests are the most suitable ones for your study.
  • Prepare a framework for conducting the research. The committee will want to know how long you will take to complete the work and when you will present the final report.

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