When you are creating a thesis, the first step is to prepare a synopsis, which provides a framework to your research work. For ensuring that you have an impressive synopsis, you will need to do thorough ground work and collect all the relevant information. Moreover, you must know the language and formatting requirements for the synopsis as laid down by your university.

At PhD Coaching Classes, we assist you in doing both the above-mentioned tasks; thus, making sure that your synopsis does not falter in any aspect. The draft of a thesis synopsis will have the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Research Design/ methodology
  • Conclusion
  • Timeline for research work completion

Our experienced team of writers provide PhD Thesis Synopsis help with a wide base of resources, to make you choose the most recent and relevant references for the literature review. Also, for creating a viable and unique research design without any validity issues, we will assist in deciding the extent of information that you need, sources from where you will get it, the sample size and constitution of participants of the study, media for collecting data and methods for analyzing data.

Further, you can have a detailed discussion with our mentors to draw out a suitable timeline for the research project. We know how important presentation is for the synopsis. Hence, we follow the precise formatting and citation style. We ensure research synopsis writing assistance with a high standard of academic language and absolutely original content for the synopsis.

You need to get the synopsis cleared by your review board to be able to proceed with the actual research work. Taking professional assistance will confirm your success at this crucial stage. Contact us for getting more information about PhD synopsis writing services.