Why do you require assistance for thesis preparation?

PhD thesis is a onetime task and is not done every time. So, it requires a lot of preparation and planning. Many students fail to accomplish the task as they do not have proper planning of the work and fail to meet the deadlines. This is because they do not have any earlier experience and so a mentor or a guide is required to put the people on the right track while preparing a thesis or dissertation. A coach or mentor who has experience of guiding PhD students in the past might have experience all the obstacles or hurdle in preparing a thesis and will help the current students in overcoming those hurdles. The most important difficulty is the time aspect which most students fail to understand. Many students ignore the few precious initial days and pile up the work for last few weeks. While some other spends more time in preparing the proposal and collecting data and forgets about analysis and presentation. With a guide or a mentor beside you, students can stick to deadlines and quickly finish the task as per the guidance.

Apart from time, a mentor can also guide on preparing a proposal, helps on technical aspects of the report and editing, formatting and presentation. Most of the time students get confused about the statistical tools that need to be used for analysis. In such cases a professional guide can help students and save a lot of time. Apart from these, the mentor can guide the student on final presentation and arguments that needs to put forward while reviewing the thesis by the panelists. Also a mentor can help on technical analysis, translation if required, proof reading, formatting and many other aspects which students might not be aware of. They can guide the students in overcoming the small mistakes that leads to rejections. As thesis writing is a onetime task utmost care must be taken by students and it is advisable to hire a mentor or a guide for successful completion of the thesis.